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Born 1942 in Vietnam, Master Luong Minh Dang migrated to America with his family in 1985, and began teaching Universal Energy healing in 1989.  In September 1994, the Medicina Alternativa Institute affiliated with the Open International University for Complementary Medicines had conferred upon Master Dang the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine.  In February 1997, the Senate of the Open International University for Complementary Medicines decided to confer upon Master Dang the accolade of Doctor of Science (honoris Causa), and invited him to officially open the Universal and Human Energy department in the University.  (This Open International University was established by the 1962 World Health Organization Alma Ata Declaration, and was recognized by the United Nations Charter for the University for Peace by U.N. General Assembly Resolution Number 35/55/5/XII/1980.) 

With conflicting information given on how Master Dang had first learned this energy healing discipline, and now that he had passed away on August 12th, 2007, we are left forever with a mystery of its true origin. His legacy, however, are being continued by two large organizations: the M.E.L. led by his son Trung in the US and the H.U.E.S.A led by his widow Lady Theresa in Australia.  Thousands of qualified instructors continue working under their guidance to promote this healing art.

One may think this energy sounds mystical and implausible, but perhaps it only sounds so because science has not yet developed proper tools to measure this energy. One variation of its use has been accepted by the medical realm: acupuncture.  Even though conventional medicine still cannot “see” or “measure” this energy flow in acupuncture, the RESULTS of such use often are quantifiable.

Master Dang's discipline is one of the few healing arts whereby a SYSTEMATIC training method can be used to train anyone, regardless of spiritual or educational background. Over three million people from 70 plus countries have been trained, with approximately over two million high-level healers.  Thirdly, the amazing and often spontaneous results can be scientifically quantified. (See section on Research with Skin Cancer Cells and R.H.E tissues. Also see the HIV/AIDS section.)

What is the theory behind this powerful and miraculous healing energy? We believe that humanity is programmed with many abilities of which science has not even begun to scratch the surface. And one of those abilities is to channel and process this elusive, mysterious universal energy for healing purposes. Somehow, every once in a while in the history of the Earth, someone “finds” the key to activate this processing system within his/her body, and some even “find” the key to activate it within other’s bodies.  In UE, the process is called "opening the Chakras" (energy centers) or "initiations".  Although humankind has advanced greatly in technology and its understanding of the human body, scientists still have a long way to go before they can claim to know EVERYTHING about it. Therefore, it is in the interest of humanity that we keep our minds open to all discoveries.

Think of a radio station.  It sends out invisible, inaudible sound waves bouncing through the air.  We need a device called a “radio” to receive and process that energy to produce sounds audible to the human ears.  Likewise, Universal Energy needs a device called a “human” to receive and process it in a very specific way to heal.  Unless the “radio” device has its own battery, it will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work.  Similarly, most of these “human” devices need to receive a form of activation.  In the teaching of Universal and Human Energy, man is connected to the universe not only by the five senses, but also by energy centers called “chakras” and other nervous systems of the body.

Besides having one’s “chakras” opened, a UE practitioner needs to practice a unique yoga meditation method at least 5 minutes daily to evolve the body and soul to a higher level of consciousness and to be able to utilize the universal energy more efficiently. This breathing and meditation method was also founded by Master Luong Minh Dang.

With the exceptions of the Emotional Cleansing therapy, the ancient breathing, stretching exercises, and the Visualization therapy, this healing ministry applies all of Master Dang’s teaching of Universal and Human Energy in serving healing requests registered in this web site.