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Q: Is the Ministry of Universal Energy Healers a religion or an affiliation of a particular religion?

A: No. U.E. healers belong to practically every major religious denomination.  Although some consider themselves spiritual healers, no one is promoting any particular organized religion.

Q: Is Universal Energy a mystical power?

A: Universal Energy has been studied, analyzed and often quantified by scientists but much further studies need to be done before it can be understood clearly.  At this point, it is considered to be in the gray area between science and mystical power.  However, as spiritual teachers often define, mystical power is generally “given”, not “trained”, while Universal Energy is both, meaning that if you don’t already have the ability to heal with Universal Energy, you can be trained/given the ability anytime you wish.

Q: Do you have to believe in it to be able to heal or be healed?

A: No. Most people were just curious when they took their first lesson or had the first treatment by a U.E. healer.  It is not unusual that most became believers after they witnessed the positive results.  Though you don’t need to believe for it to work, you do need to keep an open mind.  Thoughts are so powerful that if you think “It’s NOT going to work for me,” then most probably it won’t. (This often holds true even for conventional medicine too.)

Q: Some people believe that a mystical power must either come from God or from the Devil. Where does Universal Energy come from?

A: If anyone has ever heard or known of any work of the Devil to heal the sick unconditionally in the history of Earth, please let us know.  Some people don’t even believe in God or the Devil and some people only believe in science, explaining that everything in the universe just exists spontaneously.  It totally depends on your personal belief.  The founding Master of the teaching of Universal Human Yoga claims it to be from God.  A great many of our healers also believe it to be from God too, Whoever He/She is.

Q: Isn’t it ridiculous that any lay-person, after taking only a few hours of training and receiving attunement to open their chakras, can heal people while a medical doctor has to go through years of costly intensive training?

A: It is ridiculous, indeed.  The training time, that is.  Remember, healers and doctors are not the same.  Doctors diagnose, prescribe medicine and perform surgeries to combat illnesses from without.  Healers only channel energy that promotes the human body to utilize its own healing system efficiently from within.  The ability to channel such energy is believed to be innate and can be awakened through mystical or spiritual initiation.  Anyone can receive this initiation - including doctors.  Universal Energy can be used as complimentary, sometime alternative, and sometime even ultimate medicine (in cases where conventional medicine is not available at all.)  Don’t forget that the progress of medical science has had a profound effect on all of us.  However, we are still very far from the ultimate goal of eradicating illnesses from the human body.  In fact, according to the United Nations, about 80% of the world’s population has very limited or no access to conventional medical facilities.  Most treat themselves at home.  Perhaps it would be great if conventional medicine takes advantage of the use of Universal Energy and brings about the necessary leap in medical science for the benefit of mankind.

Q: What do you say when you perform healing?  Do you pray to someone?

A: Ideally, nothing.  Nor is it necessary to pray.  We should try to keep our mind as blank as possible so that our body can channel the healing energy most effectively.  But if one likes to pray, it’s OK too.

Q: Do we drain our own energy when we heal others?

A: No.  Unlike the “Chi” practice which uses personal energy as a source, Universal Energy is limitless.  Also, it has to fill the healer’s body first before it is overflowed to others.  The more healing we give, the more our bodies as healers benefit.

Q: Do we have to be a member of this ministry after we are trained?

A: No.  No one is required to be a member or to pay any membership dues.  Once you have finished your training, you are free to do whatever you want with it.  Of course, we welcome feed-back and appreciate your keeping touch.

Q: Are we required to teach or heal a certain number of people?

A: No.  Healing yourself and your loved ones is enough.  However, many people choose to devote more time to healing and teaching others for a deeper sense of service and satisfaction though.

Q: Is U.E. similar to the Japanese Reiki healing art?

A: Yes, it is similar in that Reiki uses the Universal Energy too.  However, the similarities end there because Universal Human Yoga uses no mystical symbols for initiation and healing.  Nor does it use the chakras in the front of the body.  It is also precise and quick.  The longest healing time allowed is 5 minutes for lower level students, and seconds for high level practitioners.  With Reiki, healing sessions take much longer.  Universal Human Yoga prohibits charging a fee for healing, while Reiki healers are allowed to charge for the service.  Universal Human Yoga teaches mass healing and long distant mass healing in a much greater degree than does Reiki.

Q: Do you teach a particular meditation for achieving self-realization or enlightenment?

A: We teach only the 5 minute meditation required for Level 1 and Level 2 healers.  After Level 3, meditation is optional.  We believe that through the frequent selfless use of the Universal Energy, one may be subtly guided by it toward the spiritual path leading to self-realization.  However, at higher training levels, there are meditation for self-realization purpose.

Q: When we channel the energy to heal others, would we be risking infection in the event that the energy returns to our bodies?

A: No, there is no such risk.  The Universal Energy never carries germs or infection from healers to patients or vice-versa.

Q: Is there any concrete or scientific proof of Universal Energy?

A: Please read the Research section and the AIDS & HIV section in this web site.

If you have any specific questions that were not answered here, please send them to our e-mail address: Contact us.