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(The content of this page is the author's personal opinion.  It is not representing Master Dang's UE philosophies.)


       It may sound rather strange if we said that nearly all of us adult humans need to learn how to breathe.  But believe it or not, this is true.  As infants, we breathed correctly by moving our ribcage and abdomen.  As we grew older, we forgot how to breathe correctly.  Our breath is now very shallow, using the upper chest only.  This is one of the major factors that has gotten us in trouble health wise.

      For thousands of years, many yogi masters knew the secrets of breathing, one of which was used to keep their bodies warm in the harsh winter as they sat meditating outdoors half-naked.  Of course we don’t have much need for that particular secret. However, we may be interested in other secrets.  For example, you can use breathing to:

- KEEP YOUR FACE WRINKLE-FREE. Or even get rid of the wrinkles you may already have.

- CLEAN TOXINS AND DEPOSITS OUT OF YOUR ENTIRE BODY.  This method IS the true Fountain of Youth.  It rejuvenates the body at the cellular level so that you LOOK and FEEL young, STAY young and HEALTHIER. This method helps cure and prevent many diseases.

- RID YOU OF STRESS, TO REACH DEEP HEALING LEVELS OF RELAXATION.  More than 85% of illnesses are directly related to stress.  This method of breathing not only brings you good health, it also builds a pleasant disposition.

- TONE UP YOUR BODY IN A FEW WEEKS.  These methods when combined with specific gentle stretches could give you better results than years of aerobic exercises, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and give you high levels of energy all day.

     It may sound even stranger that the simple, slow-motion stretches in this web page, when combined with the above breathing techniques, could give far better and much quicker results than ANY conventional exercise alone.  Moreover, its gentleness makes it safer for the heart then conventional exercises. 


     Twice a day, sit down, relax, and concentrate on doing this breathing exercise.  All in-breaths and out-breaths are through your nose.  Do the counting silently in your head, adjusting the speed of the counts according to your body's ability and comfort.  This breathing technique is called "1-4-2" (meaning the length of time for breath holding is 4 times the inhalation time and the length of exhale is twice as long as the inhalation time).

-  Slowly inhale to fill, NOT your chest, but your lower belly by inflating it gently.  Keep your mind centering at a point about 1.5 inches below your belly button.  Count from 1 to 4 as you do the inhaling.

-  Hold both the breath and your mind at that spot below the belly button for 16 counts (count from 1 to 16).

- Slowly pull your stomach in as you let the air out through your nose for 8 counts.

     How many breaths must you do at each sitting?  As many as your age is.  If you are 40 years old, then you need to do 40 breaths.  What happens if you are ... too old?  Split it into 2 sessions.  For example, if you are ... let’s say, 80 years old and can't do 80 breaths in one session, then you can do 40 breaths, take a comfortable break and then go back and do another 40 breaths.

    Don't feel discouraged if at first you can't seem to hold your breath through the 16 counts or can't exhale through the 8 counts.  It takes a few sessions for the body to learn how to do it.  You will be surprised a week later to find that you can hold your breath much longer.

      What can you expect from doing this exercise?  You will begin to notice changes as your body’s internal cleansing actions kick-in.  Your eliminations will have a foul smell, your face will look healthier, your whole being will feel lighter and calm, and your body will feel more energetic as your body begins to rid itself of trapped toxins.


     Watch infants and animals as they wake up.  They stretch luxuriously.  Modern life is so hectic and rushing that we have long deprived ourselves of this crucial luxury.  Combine the above breathing technique and stretch yourself hard and completely every which way during your 16 counts of breath holding.  This can be done before sleeping, upon waking or any time convenient. 

STRETCHING: Do this exercise 3 times a day, each time 10 breaths.  Stretch your body (the way an infant does upon waking). Hold the stretch longer, muscles flexed tightly, take in some air, hold the breath as long as comfortable, then exhale SLOWLY, relax all the muscles while thinking: “I am releasing all the trapped negative energy from my body.”  After a few days, observe how your body begins its cleansing operation.  You may notice the mucus expelling from your lungs and nose, and/or very dark, foul, loose stool excreted by your body.

YOGA EXERCISES: After a month of doing the 1-4-2 breathing and the above stretching, if you feel more ambitious, then you can practice just any simple, comfortable yoga postures and movements, but they must be COMBINED WITH the above breathing technique (meaning hold your breath during the muscle stretching parts of the yoga movements).  Without the part of deep breathing and breath holding, benefits of yoga movements become limited, reducing it to the level of regular warm up exercises only. Reminder: yoga movements are supposed to be SLOW.  Fast movements will defeat the purpose.


     The following exercise was meant to be for rejuvenating internal organs and improving their functions, bringing the necessary Heavenly Energy to nourish, detox and heal the body.  It was and still is a part of an ancient spiritual cleansing system where practitioners use a healthy, short-term fasting method to detox their bodies, minds and spirits.  Weight loss is just one of the natural results from the process even without the fasting.  DO NOT fast.  At least not yet.  Many people have used this exercise alone (without the detox fasting) to achieve weight loss results and impressive re-shaping of their bodies within a relatively short time.  Others have used it to regain health and stamina.  Do this exercise twice a day, or at least once, with an empty stomach, best in the morning and/or before a meal.  It only takes 15 to 20 minutes.  Before starting the program, choose an outfit that fits you best.  Each week, you can try on this outfit to have an idea of how much your body has reshaped.  If you don't notice any changes after one week or if OTHERS don't notice any changes in you after two weeks of practice, then it means either you have not held your breath correctly or done the movement correctly. 

     Again, DO NOT attempt any fasting until you have practiced this following exercise for at least a month, achieved great results AND you have contacted an expert and received further information on fasting.  Fasting without full technical knowledge and preparation is absolutely foolish, dangerous and not advisable.

     Internal organs (especially the stomach) need daily help.  So do the internal workings of the six systems in our bodies: the blood circulatory, lymphatic, chi-energy, bio-electro, musculoskeletal and the nervous systems. While running and similar physical exercises may help our circulatory and musculoskeletal systems, deep breathing and breath holding exercises help our lymphatic, nervous, chi-energy and bio-electro systems, and deep meditation replenishes both our chi-energy and our bio-electro systems.  The following exercises in one session can help strengthen the digestive system and shrink your stomach while boosting more subtle energy supplies to your least exercised parts - your face, neck and brain-, and increasing the flow of your lymphatic system.  Within just a few days, you will notice that your appetite is naturally curbed, your overall well-being is drastically improved, and your facial muscles are firmer. 

     There are 4 sets of movements called "warm up", "active", "less active" and finally "return to the original".   Depending on your health condition, you can do the sets standing, sitting or lying down.  If you have no physical restriction, then it's best to practice it standing in the morning, sitting in mid-day and lying in the evening.  Only do these exercises on an empty stomach.  Both in and out breaths are slow and through the nose.  Keep all movements slow and comfortable.  Do not over stretch or over exert any part of your body.



1. Stand with feet about 12 inches apart.  Inhale slowly as you lift your arms up over your head, hold and settle the air down at your lower abdomen just about an inch and a half below your belly button by relaxing the abdominal muscles. 

2. Bend forward as far as comfortable, swinging your arms downward with the bend and then beyond so that your arms end up pass your hips horizontally.  Tuck in your lower abdomen, squeeze the anus and push the air down and around your tailbone, upward on the spine all the way to the top of your head. 

3. Hold the air there for 5 seconds, then let out your belly to allow the air to drop and return to the lower abdomen.  Still hold the breath though.

4. Swing your arms back along with lifting your body back to the original standing posture, breath out slowly as you drop your arms downward.  Relax.

Note: the entire movement is within ONE breath.  So adjust the speed of your movement to match the comfort of your breath holding.  Rest for one breath before repeating the movement.  Do 10 of such movements.  Some people don't like 10, so try 5 if you don't feel up to it.  Of course the result is not as drastic as for 10 breaths, but even with 5 breaths, it will definitely be a pleasant health improvement.


1. Same as Step #1 in Warm-up.

2. Same as Step #2 in Warm-up.

3. Same as Step #3 in Warm-up.  Then add ONE movement of similar bending and lifting to the left, and then ONE to the right BEFORE going to Step #4.  (So you really need to move a little faster to be able to hold the breath throughout the 3 bending motions with their relaxing and tucking in of the abdomen.)

4. Same as Step #4 in Warm-up.

Do 10 such movements.


1. Same as Step #1 in Warm-up.

2. Same as Step #2 in Warm-up.

3. Same as Step #3 in Warm-up.  Then while keeping the body in the bending posture, add 2 more tucking and relaxing bits of the abdomen, still holding the breath.

4. Same as Step #4 in Warm-up.

Do 10 such movements.


1. Same as Step #1 in Warm-up.

2. Same as Step #2 in Warm-up.

3. Same as Step #3 in Warm-up except holding the abdomen in for longer time; let say 10 seconds instead of 5 in the Warm-up.

4. Same as Step #4 in Warm-up.

Do 10 such movements.

This completes the exercise set for standing.  The entire set should take between 15 and 20 minutes.


So instead of standing, you do this set sitting either on a chair or in lotus position if preferred.  Arms and hands resting instead of swinging like in the standing posture.  Forward bending is done with the upper body only.  The rest of the movements and breathing techniques are the same as in standing.


You can do the exercise lying on your back, arms resting along the sides.  Just do the breathing and abdominal tucks as in the above sets but without moving the body and arms.  You can also just inhale and hold the air below the belly button for 5 seconds and then breathe out slowly.  Repeat this inhale-hold-exhale pattern for 10 minutes.  You can do this exercise whenever possible and watch how well your body heals itself.

Best wishes and good luck.  Send us your before and after pictures if you want to share your success with others.

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