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Using Universal Energy to heal terminal conditions can help in several ways:  either the patients are miraculously healed or found inner peace, tranquility and much less physical suffering as they cross over.

We all have heard of miracles happening somewhere to someone else.  When we are facing terminal illnesses ourselves or of our loved ones, we somehow tend to disbelieve that miracles can happen to us.  You must now correct this thinking.

As distant healers, we have long been aware of the incredible power of thoughts.  We, as healers, try to keep constant guard over our thoughts to prevent negative ones.  There is an ancient saying: “As you think, so you are”.  It’s up to you and your THINKING to conquer illnesses.  You need to refuse to let even one negative thought enter your mind. In fact, for higher consciousness, your mind should be free of useless thoughts altogether.  (Especially the how terminal your illnesses are or how much time the doctor said you've got left, etc. )

First, you need to learn to let go of all negative emotions such as anger, hatred, bitterness, shame, guilt, etc., because it is believed that they create trapped negative energy in human cells and organs.  Therefore, in order to heal, the negative energy must be completely released.  This ministry will give two weeks of emotional cleansing along with the regular U.E. treatment.  Instruction of how YOU can help release this trapped energy is at the end of this section.

Second, you need to forgive yourself and ALL others.  Forgiveness takes only a decision. Many spiritual leaders now believe that we all chose to experience certain life’s situations and certain pains long before we were born.  If this is true, then everything that has ever happened, not only was MEANT to happen for us to experience it, but also was CHOSEN by us before we came to Earth.  Most people find this concept helpful in forgiving themselves as well as others.  After all, peace is what you want to achieve.

Third, you should participate in the healing process by meditating at least 5 minutes each day (see instruction at the end of this section).

Fourth, we recommend you take a short course of UE healing, if possible, to get your body and mind more attuned and able to process the healing energy.  It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it.  For a location nearest you, visit the USA headquarters' websites : http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org.   If you still can't find a location nearest you to learn UE healing, then the next alternative may be to visit our following websites: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com and/or http://www.kundalinikey.com

The most important part of this healing process is learning to look at life and death in a new way.  Previously, we may have thought that things just HAPPEN to us.  Now spiritual sages explain that our spirits, being perfect and pure love, volunteer to be born in certain families, to experience certain events and certain relationships, for specific learning purposes.  Our primary goal on Earth is to experience, and then return to our original state of perfection, pure love and divinity.  Once our goals on Earth are achieved, our spirits choose to leave our bodies to return home or to serve in a different capacity or both, whatever necessary.  No one ever really dies.  This new awareness of life and death can bring about eternal peace and bliss.  We also found that most patients who learn basic UE healing or practice the Here & Now meditation and the Silence meditation  seem to find inner peace within a few weeks.  Perhaps it means that this energy can heal on all physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Within 48 hours of receiving your healing request, this ministry will faithfully send out healing energy to you every day for as long as you need it. Your participation is recommended. Please follow the instruction below for at least three months:

STRETCHING: Do this exercise 3 times a day, each time 10 breaths. Stretch your body (the way an infant does upon waking). Hold the stretch longer, with muscles flexed, take in some air, hold the breath as long as comfortable, then exhale SLOWLY, relaxing all the muscles while thinking: “I am releasing all the trapped negative energy from my body.” After a few days, observe how your body begins its cleansing operation.  You may notice mucus expelling from your lungs and nose, and/or very dark, foul, loose stool excreted by your body. If your condition allows doing some simple stretches, by combining the positions with the above breathing technique, cleansing can be dramatic.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE: You need to release one painful emotion at a time. Think one thought which usually brings forth the negative emotions, then just observe how that emotion surges from the gut to the solarplex (just below the heart), then travels to the throat, then to the eyes. Perhaps you can feel the tears welling in your eyes.  Do not try to control the emotion nor should you allow yourself to join in with the emotion.  Just observe and allow it to run its course.  Breathe quietly and think: “I am releasing this emotion from my memory and from my body.”  Keep observing and repeating the process until the emotion is gone, then SLOWLY inhale a deep breath, thinking: “I am filling up my body and soul with loving and healing energy.”  Upon SLOWLY exhaling, think: “I am feeling loved, at peace, content, happy and healed.”  Continue to bring up and then release each emotion the same way.  You will notice that once you have done the releasing practice, you can no longer feel that emotion in the way you felt it before. 

UE MEDITATION: Spend at least 5 minutes a day meditating.  It does not matter whether you sit up or lying down.  VERY SLOWLY, take 3 deep breaths; inhale through your nose while inflating your stomach, not your chest, then exhale through your mouth. Abandon all thinking and lightly aware of the top of your head. This is where the universal healing energy is going to begin pervading.  Keep your mind as blank as possible.  At the end the 5 minute meditation, complete this process with the same 3 slow deep breaths again.  It would be great if you could also devote 5 minutes each doing the Here & Now meditation  and the Silence meditation, which both lay persons and spiritual cultivators have found to be of tremendous benefits.

Check with your doctor toward the end of three months and do keep us posted of your improvement. Contact us


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