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Universal Energy (UE) stimulates damaged nerves and muscles, with appreciable results within days of treatment.  Our healers from all over the world have reported great successes with healing stroke victims.  Patients often feel mild restlessness in paralyzed or damaged muscle tissues during the first week of UE treatment as intense energy is at work to revive these tissues. You should not be alarmed; instead, you should be happy at the good sign that "it works".

Some stroke patients also suffer high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. Please see the High Blood Pressure section for detailed information. If the patient is comatose, also see the Coma section.

Nerves damaged from a stroke usually need more than three weeks to recover. Full recovery may not happen in extreme cases but some improvement is usually achieved within 3 weeks of UE treatment. However, compared to conventional therapy, stroke victims using UE regain more nerve and muscle functions, and in a much shorter time.

If possible, either the patient or a family member should learn UE healing because long-term treatment may be necessary in most cases. It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it. Visit the USA headquarters' website for a location nearest you: http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org . If you still can't find a location nearest you to learn UE healing, then the next alternative is to visit our following websites: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com and/or http://www.kundalinikey.com

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