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(The content of this page is the author's personal opinion.  It is not  representing Master Dang's UE teaching.)

Using Universal Energy as a part of any holistic program for Weight Control can help in aspects frequently overlooked in conventional medicine:  Emotional well-being and detoxification.

Excessive weight gain may come from numerous causes such as depression, chemical imbalances, thyroid malfunction, low self-esteem, past and present emotional pain, rejection, anger, nervousness, boredom, inactivity, eating habits and others.

Over-eating is only one of many symptoms.  By focusing on just this symptom through dieting is not necessarily the answer.  It is a well known fact that more than 95% of those who lost weight with low-calorie or deprivation type diets gained back the weight (or more) after two years.  Conversely, if you ever wanted to gain weight, low-calorie dieting would be a sure winner considering the statistic of a whopping 95% success rate.  Thus, to effectively solve the weight problem, we need to examine and deal with the true underlying causes.

See your physician first, to make sure that the excess weight is not caused by chemical imbalances, thyroid malfunction or other physical illnesses.

Now, let's examine other aspects of obesity problems and best possible solutions available to us:

  1. Emotional issues:  from day 1 of our lives, not only food was associated with emotional comfort in our mother's arms, it also induced our brain to secrete a "happy feeling" chemical that is a hundred times stronger than some narcotic drugs.  That's why this resulting physiological factor can overwhelm anyone's willpower effectively and quickly.  UE can help heal emotional aspects and help the subconscious mind disassociate emotion from food.

  2. Digestive disorder: the inability to absorb certain nutrients is a major cause of obesity.  The body attempts to obtain the needed nutrients by urging one to consume more food but the effort is defeated because the digestive system is having trouble absorbing these nutrients.  In this case, over-eating is due to lack of nutrition and the digestive disorder is the culprit here.  UE can help heal the digestive system but you must provide the body with the nutrients it needs such as vitamins, minerals, free-form amino acid supplements and wholesome food.  You probably understand the vitamins, minerals and wholesome food part, but you are wondering why "free-form amino acid supplement"?  Nearly every function in the body is related to the supply of amino-acids which may be derived from our food if our digestive system operates properly. But amino-acids are also needed to heal our digestive disorder in the first place.  So the only way to correct this is to provide our bodies with free-form amino acids which can be absorbed without having to go through our already failed digestive system. 

  3. Eating the wrong foods or not eating the right foods: nature provides perfect foods in the first place but humans alter the original food properties through certain processes such as husking & polishing grains, refining flours and sugars, adding chemicals, preservatives, etc.  Many people have regained health and reduced weight by merely following a few rules in their food choices: change to organic, whole grain, un-refined foods, drink clean water & juices instead of carbonated drinks.  Meaning eating brown or unpolished rice instead of white rice, use raw sugar instead of white refined sugar, use whole wheat flours instead of white refined flour.  Stay absolutely away from soft drinks including diet ones.  The fizz in the sodas is unnatural to the body, even more harm than the refined sugar in them. When I first heard the advice to stay away from refined sugar, refined flours, I thought: Then there is nothing good to eat. Just visit an organic food store, you will be surprised that most everything you ever need in your kitchen is available there. Taste the original flavors and see what you have missed.  Let them be your greatest discoveries. 

The correct way to look at the weight problem is not to emphasize on how many pounds you need to lose, but rather what your percentage of body fat is, how well-toned your muscles are, your blood pressure readings, your pulse rate, your energy level, your cholesterol level, your stamina, etc. A well designed dynamic weight control program should deal with all of these aspects.  Our students have reported appreciable progresses such as: firm muscles throughout the body, including firm breasts, thighs, hips, waist, face, neck, etc., losing up to 6 clothing sizes within 6 months, looking and feeling years younger with full vitality, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, lowered pulse rate, etc.

The use of Universal Energy (U.E.) treatment helps the body eliminate stored fat, usually causing frequent bowel movements.  Although its effectiveness is profound and noticeable immediately, the healing time may takes many months to reach the optimum health. We feel it may be necessary for you to learn how to treat yourself afterwards. (See TRAINING Section.) In order to adjust your body's metabolic function to the optimum level, you should also practice the Ancient Breathing and Stretching techniques.

Along with the fat-burning U.E. treatment, the ministry will also give two weeks of emotional cleansing. Depending on the degree of emotion being released, you may experience about a week of mood swings, depression and/or flu-like symptoms. Afterwards, you should begin to feel the emotional healing process taking place within. (See Emotional Cleansing section.) In addition, hypnosis tapes dealing with low self-esteem, childhood pain, rejection, anger, eating habit, etc., should be listened to everyday for at least three months.

We don’t believe in “dieting” or using any kind of diet drug. Most people who learn U.E treatment eventually get “reconnected” with their bodies and thus healthy food preferences AUTOMATICALLY become a permanent part of life. However, we believe in getting enough nutrition to the body so that you do not overeat as the body keeps looking for a specific nutrient. (It is called “specific hunger”.) For this reason, we recommend taking a high quality and most complete natural vitamins and minerals supplements.

Now we come to the most exciting and interesting subject : exercise.  Most of us feel guilty or tired at the sound of such word.  We need something that does not take too much time, too much effort and yet works miracles.  You do not have to sweat on a tread mill or go to aerobics classes.  Nor do you need to have the will power to drag yourself to the gym.  For detailed information, obtain a free pamphlet on the miracle of the PASSIVE aerobic “Chi” machine by emailing Mimi Nguyen . It is called PASSIVE because you use it lying down, relaxing while it does all the work and produces an incredible flow of life-energy throughout your body, an effect which may be achieved only after years of practice by kung-fu masters.  By using special equipment, pictures of one's aura and "Chakras" ' energies have been taken before and after 10, 15, and 20 minutes of using this machine.  The results are dramatic improvement.

In summary, with only 20 minutes a day, you can cover all of the following: treat yourself with U.E. healing method, use the “Chi” machine, while listen to the hypnosis weight control/emotional healing tape, practice the slow-motion ancient breathing and stretching methods, and take the recommended vitamins and minerals supplements.

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