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Mental Illnesses



Universal Energy has been used for a variety of mental illnesses with different degrees of success. The illness with the most success is multiple personality disorder, where, on the spiritual level, we believe the patient is suffering from some degrees of spiritual possession. If the disorder is not due to possession, UE may be able to help you re-adjust in the cases of split personality and extreme trauma.

On the physical level, if the patient is “ill” due to a malfunction of chemicals and/or neurological ability, UE may be used either alone or simultaneously with conventional medicine to help correct some brain dysfunctions. UE is especially helpful in the case of psychological distortion, provided that it is done by a highly specialized emotional healer.

Where possible, you can learn to practice either a simple, but unique, UE meditation technique, the Here & Now meditation or the Silence Meditation. Many have found noticeable inner peace and clarity of mind with just 5 minutes a day for each of these meditation practices. 

           1. UE meditation: Take 3 deep breaths by inhaling SLOWLY through your nose and exhaling SLOWLY through your mouth. Then close your eyes, and focus your attention on the point at the top of your head for five minutes. Try to keep your mind free from other thoughts. Afterwards, take 3 more deep breaths. This exercise can be done in any position, any place.

           2.  Here & Now meditation: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com

           3.  The Silence Meditation: http://www.kundalinikey.com

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