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(The content of this page is the author's personal opinion.  It is not  representing Master Dang's UE philosophies.)



Homosexuality is not an illness, neither physically, mentally nor spiritually. 

According to many present-day spiritual masters, we all have reincarnated many times.  While our spirit has no gender and may in fact be of both genders united, our physical bodies in past lives were males as well as females many times over.

Those who have been the same sex for many consecutive lives, who have now chosen to learn to be the opposite sex, may still be affected by their previous lives’ habits and desires.  In such case, one might not be able to identify with one’s present gender.  Or due to society's pressure and self-learned prejudices, one may find oneself desperately uncomfortable with one's own homosexuality.

There is nothing wrong with one’s choice of gender, gender identity or sexual orientation for each lifetime.  However, even if such choice were made long before birth, a person is still afforded the freewill to change his/her mind during his/her time on Earth.  Without judgment, we support whatever choice made.

Universal Energy has the power to help those who choose to change their mind for now and wish to change their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. You can register for assistance on our registration page.  Universal Energy can help seal past memories in just one session.

In the event you wish to learn and have the experience of homosexuality and/or cross-gender identity in this life, then let it be.  Know that you are a brave soul because it is a challenge to be different from others especially in homophobic societies.  Should you be faced with emotional difficulties because of your choice and feel you need help in emotional healing, please see the Emotional Cleansing section.


Healing Registration