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(The content of this page is the author's personal opinion.  It is not representing Master Dang's UE philosophies.)

By using Universal Energy in Emotional Cleansing and Emotional Healing, we have effectively combined the knowledge and wisdom of many present day sages/healers from various schools of thought.

Whereas most of this ministry’s healers use Universal Energy to heal from the energy centers (chakras) along the spine, emotional cleansing uses the ancient concept of treating the energy centers in the front of the body instead. You may find that some paragraphs here have been used in other sections as an effort to provide brief understanding of this dynamic work of healing.

Based on the concept that negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, pain, shame, guilt, bitterness, etc. produce negative energy trapped within one’s body, it’s believed that unless this trapped energy is released, many illnesses may not be healed permanently. There are many levels of trapped emotions. The deepest seem to be those of childhood pain. (Some healers believe the deepest are those from previous lives, or “karmic.”)

Healing usually requires one’s willingness to release the emotions, willingness to forgive others and oneself, participation in the healing process, life-style changes and perhaps gaining a higher level of awareness. You may not know HOW to forgive but if you are WILLING to forgive, it is already a great step toward regaining health.

Illnesses are sometimes unconsciously, or sub-consciously, used as a means to obtain the needed love and care from loved ones, or as a form of identity, or even as a punishment.  In such cases, one often finds it difficult to let go, and may even subconsciously find excuses to refuse treatment or be convinced that nothing will work.

As for life-style changes, it’s found that more than 85% of major illnesses are directly caused by chronic stresses.  Interestingly enough, many of these stresses are “people” in your life. Through hypnotherapy, we can condition ourselves to overcome past emotional damage thought to be caused by these people. Through conscious effort, we can learn to observe our reactions to these "stresses" since pain does not come from what happens to us, but rather from how we react to what happens.

You can learn to meditate and visualize. Learn the art of relieving stresses through special breathing exercises. Life-style changes also mean altering certain habits, one of which is the use of language. We replace negative statements with positive ones, both spoken and silent. We learn to use thought energy effectively to benefit our health.

Now, we come to a very important concept: new AWARENESS.  It is believed by many of the present day spiritual leaders that the most profound gain in the next millennium for mankind is the new mass awareness of how the human mind affects the universe. 

Consider the fact that with the help of spiritual initiations, one can heal by merely sending a command of thought energy to any specific location on earth. We then pose the question of what happens if negative thoughts are formed against others and ourselves. 

Eventually, humanity will grasp the essential truth: Human thoughts CREATE most –if not every- happening on earth. Therefore, be careful of your thoughts. You cannot command “Heal me” or make a powerful statement “I AM being healed”, and at the same time, think “Perhaps it doesn’t work for me.” The two contradicting thoughts cancel each other out.  Even if you have no reason to believe that Universal Energy can heal your emotional torment, keep your mind neutral instead of thinking "it may not work."

Every thought is energy. Every negative emotion creates trapped negative energy in some human cells and organs (as well as the universe). Thus, with this awareness, we learn to form our thoughts with special care so that it will not cause negative emotions for us and for others.

Another new awareness is looking at life on Earth in a new way. Previously, we may have thought that things just HAPPEN to us. Now spiritual sages explain that our spirits often volunteer to be born in certain families, to experience certain events and certain relationships, for specific learning purposes. Therefore, everyone is someone’s teacher or vehicle of learning. By being aware of this arrangement, we can no longer blame others or ourselves for our so-called “suffering.” Our primary goal on Earth is to experience and then return to our original state of perfection, pure love and divinity. Once our goals on Earth are achieved, our spirits choose to leave our bodies to return home or to serve in a different capacity or both, whatever is necessary. No one ever really dies. This new awareness of life and death can bring about inner peace and bliss.  Or at least it makes light of our emotional suffering.

Here are some examples of simple exercises for the emotional cleansing process. Follow the instructions below for the next three weeks:

STRETCHING: Do this exercise 3 times a day, each time 10 breaths. Stretch your body (the way an infant does upon waking). Hold the stretch longer, muscles flexed tightly, take in some air, hold the breath as long as comfortable, then exhale SLOWLY, relax all the muscles while thinking: “I am releasing all the trapped negative energy from my body.” After a few days, observe how your body begins its cleansing operation. You may notice the mucus expelling from your lungs and nose, and/or very dark, foul, loose stool excreted by your body.

EMOTIONAL RELEASE: You need to release one painful emotion at a time. Think one thought which usually brings forth the negative emotions, then just observe how that emotion surges from the gut to the solarplex (just below the heart), then travels to the throat, then to the eyes. Perhaps you can feel the tears welling in the eyes. Do not try to control the emotion. Just observe and allow it to run its course. Breathe quietly and think: “I am releasing this emotion from my memory and from my body.” Keep observing and repeating the thought until the emotion is gone. Then SLOWLY inhale a deep breath, thinking: “I am filling up my body and soul with loving and healing energy.” Upon SLOWLY exhaling, think: “I feel loved, at peace, content, and healed.” Continue to bring up and release each emotion the same way. You will notice that once you have done the releasing practice, you can no longer feel that emotion in the way you felt it before.

UE MEDITATION: Spend at least 5 minutes a day meditating. First, recite the passage at the end of this section 3 times, then choose the most comfortable position. It does not matter whether you sit or lie down. VERY SLOWLY, take 3 deep breaths; inhale through your nose, pushing out your stomach, not your chest, then exhale through your mouth. Now, breathe normally and vaguely rest your mind at the top of your head. It is where the Universal healing Energy is going to begin pervading. Keep your mind as blank as possible. At the end the 5-minute meditation, complete this process with 3 slow deep breaths again.

Most patients who learn basic UE healing seem to find inner peace within a few months. Perhaps it means that this energy can heal on physical, mental and spiritual levels.  See Training Information section.  It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it. Visit the USA headquarters' website for a location nearest you: http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org .

Below is the passage you need to recite to yourself daily for at least 30 days:

“As I receive the loving and healing energy, I release all anger and pain from every cell in my body. With each deep breath I inhale, I feel my mind, my heart and my entire body being filled with love.  Each breath I consciously exhale, I feel blocked negative energy being released and dissolved.  I now forgive myself and forgive all others who have hurt me.  Every time I feel negative emotions rising within me, I hold still and observe them as I allow myself to cry. I tell myself: I AM releasing all these emotions with my tears. I now feel the love that is mine, was mine and forever will be mine.”

Note: For a few weeks during emotional cleansing treatment, you may experience flu-like symptoms and may be moody as old memories and old emotions surface frequently. Pamper yourself with plenty of rest and relaxation.

Besides doing the above exercises, IT IS NECESSARY TO ALSO REGISTER FOR UE HEALING in order to achieve optimum emotional healing.

We also recommend that you visit the following website and download a booklet on the Here & Now meditation.  It is the quick and effective way to overcome suffering.  Thousands have found it to be of great help: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com . For those who are interested in neutralizing Karmic energies, you can learn the most intriguing method at our other website: http://www.kundalinikey.com


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