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Treatment of Drug Addiction, using Universal Energy (UE), requires the patient to lie down because he/she may fall asleep during treatment. Perspiration is expected.  Upon waking, your body will no longer contain drugs and you should have no withdrawal symptoms. However, while spiritual people believe that drug addicts are actually people in search of spirituality on the wrong path, many others think the real reason we needed to resort to drugs in the first place was to escape emotional pains, self-esteem problems and life's hardships.  Therefore, these pains should be released and emotional healing should also be done at the same time.  We also suggest that you temporarily disassociate with those who may trigger the desire for drugs until you have completely recovered EMOTIONALLY. (Afterwards, perhaps you can begin to make it your goal to help all your friends get off drugs.)

Along with drug addiction treatment, we will give a two-week emotional cleansing. Usually, depending on how much pain and hurts to be released, you may experience 4 to 7 days of mood swings, depression and/or flu-like symptoms.  Afterwards you will feel renewed and healed.  Please check Emotional Cleansing section and follow instruction therein.  We recommend learning UE healing Levels 1, 2, and 3 so that you can gain continuous access to this healing energy.  See Training Section.  It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it.  For a location nearest you, visit the USA headquarters' websites : http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org.  If you still can't find a location nearest you to learn UE healing, then the next alternative may be to visit our following websites: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com and/or http://www.kundalinikey.com

We also suggest that you spend at least 5 minutes a day practicing deep breathing and relaxation (inhale SLOWLY through your nose until your lower abdomen seems almost completely inflated, hold for five counts, then exhale very SLOWLY through your nose). If possible, learn by heart, recite and visualize the following message a few times per day for 30 days following drug addiction treatment:

"As I receive the loving and healing energy, I release all anger and pain from every cell in my body. With each deep breath I inhale, I feel my mind, my heart and my being filled with love.  Each breath I consciously exhale, I feel the blocked negative energy being released and dissolved. I now forgive myself and forgive all others who have hurt me. Every time I feel negative emotions rising within me, I hold still and observe them even as I allow myself to cry. I tell myself: I am releasing all these emotions with my tears. I now feel the love that is mine, was mine and forever will be mine."


Healing Registration