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As with all illnesses, always check with your physician and get conventional treatment when possible. Universal Energy (UE) can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to obtain optimum results.

UE treatment alone has reportedly cured many chronic conditions such as muscle pain, migraine headaches, allergies, arthritis, insomnia, heartburn, colitis, back pain, etc. Most chronic conditions have shown marked improvement, often completely cured.

From past experiences, conditions such as insomnia, back pain, and migraines usually get immediate relief and continue to improve everyday with UE.  Diabetes takes up to 5 weeks to improve or show reduced need for insulin. Allergies take from 4 to 8 weeks to minimize, although if self-healing is applied, immediate relief is usual. High blood pressure usually shows an immediate drop. However, one must also be emotionally healed by releasing past pain, letting go of negative emotions like anger, hatred and resentment, practicing stretches and breathing exercises, in order for improvement to be lasting or permanent. Respiratory allergies almost always require UE self-healing to stop an allergy attack on the spot. (Distant healing helps desensitize allergic reactions but only gradually).

To learn UE self-healing, you can go to a S.H.Y. center in your area.  It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it. Visit the USA headquarters' website for a location nearest you: http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org . If you still can't find a location nearest you to learn UE healing, then the next alternative is to visit our following websites: http://www.hereandnowmeditation.com and/or http://www.kundalinikey.com

We have found that many chronic conditions are usually accompanied by deep-rooted emotions such as guilt, anger, self-punishment, punishment of others, feeling unloved, or abused, etc.  Sometimes, illnesses are subconsciously manifested as a means to obtain the much needed care and attention. If you suspect that your condition stems partly from emotional sources, learn and practice to release negative emotions. See Emotional Cleansing section.

We also found that lifestyles have a lot to do with many chronic conditions, especially foods, drinks, and physical activities.  One simple way that can help combat or lessen harmful effect on the body is correct breathing.  See Ancient art of breathing and stretching.


Healing Registration