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Limited studies done using Universal Energy (UE) with AIDS cases showed encouraging results after 3 weeks of treatment:

  1. CD4+ cell count improved in all patients studied.
  2. Symptoms of opportunistic infections cleared in all of stage 1, 2, & 3 patients.
  3. 90% of studied patients went back to work.
  4. 75% of full-blown severe cases improved throughout the study.
  5. UE seems to rebuild and maintain the immune system to CO-EXIST with the HIV virus. It does NOT kill the virus itself even though viral load tests showed more than 30% reduction. The body's defense system does it.

UE healers are specialized in healing, not in large scientific studies. Therefore, we feel that extensive researches and double-blind studies still need to be done by those experts who are specialized in such work in order for definitive conclusions to be drawn. However, we are very encouraged and happy with these initial results. Any researcher or organization who wishes to enlist UE ability in future studies, please contact US headquarters or Australia headquarters.

Unlike other illnesses where we may only RECOMMEND learning self-healing, we feel it is a MUST for AIDS patients to learn UE healing at least to Level 3, because their bodies, having received attunement, can then process this special energy more efficiently and continuously.  See Training section.  It only takes a few hours and anyone can learn it. Visit the USA headquarters' website for a location nearest you: http://www.mel-hq.com or http://www.mel-global.com or the Australia's headquarters: http://www.huesa.org .

If you are going to request healing for AIDS, please read the Emotional Cleansing section. We sincerely believe that all serious and chronic conditions should receive emotional cleansing for at least two weeks. While this ministry provides this service, your participation in the healing process is highly recommended. Please follow directions and practice faithfully as guided in the Emotional Cleansing Section.

Below is a copy in full text of the study done in Northern Thailand:



Ampornsri Na Lamlieng

Soontaranee Tongyai

Umparat Romcai

Kayoon Thammasaeng

Spiritual Human Yoga (S.H.Y.) Chiengmai

 45 M.5, T. Maesa, A. Maerim, Chiengmai 50180, Thailand

Tel. (66-53) 297707 Mobile. (66-1) 8811440 Fax (66-53) 299080


Universal Energy Treatment of AIDS in NorthernThailand:

Effect on Viral and Immune Responses

Ampornsri Na Lamlieng1, Soontaranee Tongyai2, UmparatRomcai3, Kayoon Thammasaeng4

1- Spiritual Human Yoga (S.H.Y.) Chiengmai, Maerim, Chiengmai,Thailand

2- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, Bangkhen Campus,Bangkok, Thailand

3- Lanna Medical Laboratory, Chiengmai, Thailand

4- Public Health Office, Maerim, Chiengmai, Thailand


The Universal Energy (UE) as taught by Master Luong Minh Dang, Ph.D.,D.Sc., was used as the sole treatment of AIDS for 10 patients in stages 1, 2, & 3; and for 5 patients in stage 4 in Northern Thailand. The results: Blood CD4+ T lymphocyte cell count increased 1.4 to 5 folds after 21 days of treatment for patients in stages 1,2,3. All clinical symptoms disappeared within the period of treatment using Universal Energy. Today, these patients have resumed normal lives and activities, practicing the UE method to treat themselves regularly.

The 5 patients in stage 4 eventually died within a year after treatment, due either to being in the terminal stage when brought to the Spiritual Human Yoga (S.H.Y.) Chiengmai Center or to inefficient maintenance care after recovering from all immediate symptoms. Their deaths, however, showed no apparent signs of pain or suffering. An HIV-1 RNA viral load test conducted in 2 cases of patients in stages 1, 2, 3 showed viral reduction of 34.5 - 38.2% after the 21 days of treatment using UE.


Copyright © 1997 by Ampornsri Na Lamlieng, Soontaranee Tonyai,Umparat Romcai and Kayoon Thammasaeng. All Rights Reserved.



     The rapid progress of science and technology, particularly biotechnology, has helped the scientific world in gaining knowledge of the etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of the fatal Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a disease caused by a retrovirus currently named Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). As HIV carries genetic information in double-stranded RNA rather than DNA, upon infecting the target cells by specific surface receptor binding, it inserts its RNA into the target cells. The Viral RNA is then converted by viral enzyme reverse transcriptase to DNA (provirus) which subsequently migrates to the nucleus, uncoats itself and integrates into the genetic material of the infected target cells. If the infected cell  remains dormant, the inserted provirus may remain latent for years. However, if the infected cell is activated to copy its gene into RNA, some will bet ranslated into viral proteins. The proteins and additional RNA are then assembled into new virions that bud from the host cell, either slowly without damage or rapidly causing rupture of the host cell (Ho et all., 1987).

     During the last two decades, medical scientists and physicians all over the world have been working intensively to combat this disease by two main approaches: restoration of immune functions and prevention of viral replication. Attempts at the former by means of bone marrow transplants, ransfusions of white blood cells from healthy donors, and the injection of mediators such as interleukin-2 or interferons, have met with little or no success because the virus quickly turns to infect the donor cells. Prevention of viral replication at various stages of viral infection by several antimicrobials have been tried but their efficacy has not been good. Presently, this disease is still considered incurable. Recent development of protease inhibitors and AIDS vaccine is under intensive study with anticipation of overcoming progression of the disease in the next decade.

     Several means in alternative medicine have also come into application to help reduce the torment of AIDS patients and prolong their life-expectancy. Since the late 1980s, the theory and applications of Human and Universal Energy have come alive in many countries and is now extensively studied worldwide. The application of Universal Energy (UE) treatment method has proved to help solve health problems of people suffering from minor to major illnesses, including diseases considered incurable by physicians and scientists. This energy can improve health status within a short or longer period of time depending on the degree of physiological damage caused by the diseases. UE treatment has also stopped disease progression in many incurable cases and helped many people regain normal health (Luong, 1995).

     Since the opening of Spiritual Human Yoga (S.H.Y.) Chiengmaiin 1994, numerous cases of various ailments have been treated successfully with the Universal Energy method. By January 1995, desperate AIDS patients started to seek help through the UE method of treatment at the Center. Later in 1996, Master Dr. Luong Minh Dang initiated the post-treatment self-help program by teaching the UE method of treatment to at least Level III, after which he would open the Chakras of the patients 100% so that they could continue to treat themselves. This increases the efficiency of treatment remarkably. Until now, over 225 AIDS patients have been treated at the Center, approximately 200  are still alive and perform considerably well under this new program.

     Thus, the monitoring of immune and viral responses of a group of patients through CD4+ lymphocyte count and HIV-1 RNA test, respectively, were decided as part of the scientific study plan to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Universal Energy method in AIDS treatment.


     Fifteen HIV-positive patients, (3 in stage 1, 3 in stage 2, 4 in stage 3 and 5 in stage 4) all resided in northern Thailand, and all received UE treatment once every day for a period of 21 days. The UE method used was that taught by Master Luong Minh Dang. Level 5 practitioners or Level III medical doctors treated by placing the hands on Chakras 2, 3, 5, and 7 of the patient for 5 minutes, with UE blood purification technique. Level VI practitioners used remote telepathic transmission of UE to Chakra 6 of the patients for 30 seconds after 30 seconds of self-focusing on the practitioners’own Chakras 6 and 7.

     During the treatment sexual relationship must be omitted.  Alcoholic beverages were prohibited during and after treatment. Normal diets and life style were allowed provided that the patients acquired at least 8 hours of sleep every night. All patients were not under any medication.

     Blood CD4+ T lymphocyte count (Manual CD4 Count Kit, Coulter Corporation) of all patients in stage 1, 2, 3, and plasma HIV-1 RN viral load tests (HIV-1 Monitor TM test, Roche) of 2 patients in stage 2 and 3 were performed at Lanna Medical Laboratory, Chiengmai province, before and after the 21-day treatment.

      After 21 days of UE treatment, the patients were taught the UE method of treatment in stepwise manner as follows.

 Level I: History of the Universal Energy, the main 7 Chakras of the body and corresponding organs, meditation techniques to receive UE, method of self-healing for Level I, 30% opening of Chakras.

 Level II: Methods of Healing for Level II and limitations, opening of the Chakras to 60%.

Level III: Methods of Healing for Level III, rules and limitations, opening of the Chakras to 100% by Master Dr. Luong Minh Dang.

In self-treatment for Level III AIDS patients, only 5 minutes once every day are required for the treatment by placing the hands on Chakras 2, 3, 5 and 7 + blood purification.


     All patients who were brought to be treated at the Spiritual Human Yoga (S.H.Y.) Chiengmai, were initially in a weak state with various clinical complications as shown in Tables 1 and 2. Those in Table 1 required human support for their locomotion while those in Table 2 had to be in wheel chairs or carried by family members or friends to move from one place to another. After2-3 successive days of UE treatment, once a day, these patients could walk by themselves without support. After 21 days of consecutive UE treatment, patients of stage 1-3 (Table 1) recovered their strength and were able to resume their work. All patients were taught the UE treatment method to at least Level III (Luong, 1996). They had their Chakras opened 100% and were able to continue treating themselves once every day. All of them are still in good health and working normally to this day.

    Three out of five patients of stage 4 (Table 2) also recovered from disease complications and resumed normal lives after 21-day UE treatment.  However, due to being less attentive to their health, (i.e., they were overworked, received inadequate rest, and/or insufficient nutrition) relapses of health problems occurred, followed by death. Two patients of stage 4 were in a delirious and tormenting terminal stage when treatment started.  After 3 days of treatment they were calm and painless. Both died without apparent suffering: one on the 6th day of treatment, while the other, a week after the end of treatment.

     The HIV infects primarily T-helper lymphocytes having specific surface receptor, called the Cluster designation marker 4 or CD4 antigen. Other cells, such as enterochromaffin cells of the digestive tract, Langerhan cells, as well as neurons and glia cells of the central nervous system, also express the CD4 antigen. Once activated, the virus infects CD4+ cells and kills them, causing a marked decrease inCD4+ cells. The clinical hallmark of such immune deficiency is the tendency to develop unusual or recurrent severe infections in various tissues due to disruption of lymphocyte functions. The infection could occur in lymph nodes, lung avioli, skin, bone marrow, thymus gland, duodenum, colon, rectum and brain (Funke et al., 1987).

     Table 1 shows variable degree of CD4+ lymphocyte cells destruction in pretreated patients and the manifestation of various forms of clinical complications. After 21 days of UE treatment, the CD4+lymphocyte count increased 1.4 - 5 fold. This reflects that the cells were able to undergo a series of cell division at a higher rate than cell rupture caused by the virus and, as a result, both cell-mediated and antibody-mediated immunity were being gradually restored.  Patients in stage 1 regained normal level of CD4+ lymphocyte level while that of patients in stages 2 and 3 still remained critically low. In spite of such a low CD4+ level, these patients in stages 2 and 3 were able to recover from all clinical symptoms. Thus, the cure could not be due to immune restoration at such a low level.

Table 1: AIDS patients’ clinical conditions of stage 1, 2, 3 and CD4+ lymphocyte count before and after 21-day treatment using Universal Energy

Patient No./ Sex/Age

Conditions before treatment

CD4*(cell/:l) date before treatment

Conditions after treatment

CD4*(cell/:l) after treatmen

CD4 elevation(folds)


weakness, jaundice

HIV*, stage 1



recovered, no jaundice, resumed work,normal life





skin infection, dyspepsia, restless, HIV+, stage 1



healthy, resumed work





headache, chest pain, diarrhea, ULI, HIV+, stage 1



recovered, healthy, gained weight, resumed work





pregnant, HIV*, stage 2



healthy mother and baby, resumed work





oral thrust, dyspepsia, lymph node enlargement, ULI, HIV*, stage 2



recovered, healthy, gained weight, resumed work





weakness, weight loss, HIV*, stage 2



recovered, gained weight, resumed work





weakness, cough, restless, bloody diarrhea, HIV*, stage 3



recovered, sleep well, bloody diarrhea stops





skin rash & papule, weakness, HIV+, stage 3



recovered, normal skin, resumed work 





pneumonia, fever, HIV*, stage 3



recovered, no fever, no pneumonia, resumed work





weakness, lymph node enlargement, dyspepsia, HIV*, stage 3



healthy, gained weight, resumed work




* Reference range of CD4+ T lymphocyte count of normal Thai person= 620 - 1340

lymphocyte/: l.

ULI = Upper Lung Infection

Table 2: Conditions of severe (stage 4) AIDS patients with Universal Energy treatment

Patient No./ Sex/Age

Conditions before treatment

Conditions after treatment

Date at day 21


Deceased date


High fever, weakness, bloody diarrhea, HIV*, stage 4

recovered, no symptoms


passed on w/o pain



Infected skin, high fever, pneumonia, HIV*, stage 4

recovered, resumed studying


passed on w/o pain



Infected skin, high fever, stomach pain, weakness, HIV+, stage 4

recovered, resumed work


passed on w/o pain



Restless, impossible to walk & talk, no appetite, HIV*, stage 4

improved conditions after first few days died in sleep 30/7/96
15/M/30 Weakness, severe illness and pain, HIV*, stage 4 passed on w/o pain after 6 days of treatment

Table 3: HIV-1 RNA viral load test of AIDS patient before and after 21-days treatment using Universal Energy

Patient No.*




date before treatment


     The results, thus, clearly show that Universal Energy treatment in AIDS patients could help patients to recover from various clinical complications and decrease the viral load in the body, while reviving the immune functions. It is essential to note that, although scientifically unexplainable at present, this spiritual energy has proved itself to help save so many people from a wide range of ailments, both minor and major. Our works have also demonstrated that UE could help suffering AIDS patients to regain and maintain normal lives. This is the principle of Universal Energy: spirituality and humanity to save all mankind.


The Universal Energy method used in the 21-day treatment of AIDS was effective in the following points:

1. diminished the symptoms of clinical complications and improved health conditions so that patients could carry on normal lives

2. increased immunity response

3. decreased viral load

4. helped terminal stage patients to pass on without suffering.

To maintain health, the patient must persist in practicing Universal Energy treatments and must have sufficient rest. Such treatment is very inexpensive compared to any other means of treatment and can be learned by patients in a relatively short time.


The authors would like to thank Dr. Vo Thi Minh Hiep of S.H.Y. Brussels, Belgium and Assistant Professor Dilaga Tripiboon of the Department of Public Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Chiengmai University, Thailand, for their kind cooperation and advice toward this work.


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