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This Ministry offers free healing for all who suffer from physical or emotional pain, chronic medical conditions, terminal illnesses, incurable diseases, addictions, or any other ailments which have limited access for treatment. When conventional medicine seems unable to help you regain health or alleviate pain or when you are simply looking for an alternative healing method, you may find this healing ministry to be a helpful source of treatment.

We practice Universal Energy Healing, an ancient healing art similar to that taught by most religious Great Masters of human history. Universal Energy Healing is based on the concepts that our bodies can be attuned to channel and use a specific energy for healing. The Indians call this energy "Prana" and the Chinese call it "Chi." With proper training, one can learn to channel this energy into a person's body to help trigger and/or enhance the body's natural healing system. Also, many enlightened masters believe that certain cells in the brain can process this energy on command to facilitate healing. In-vitro studies show that the channeling of universal energy can heal even on a cellular level, diminishing skin cancer cells in human tissue samples (see Research with skin cancer cells and RHE tissues). Our research in AIDS and HIV, using UE for 21 days, showed a remarkable increase in CD4+ T lymphocyte count in all patients studied (see AIDS & HIV). We are now convinced that this Universal Energy healing will be one of the answers to mankind's health problems in the new millennium.

Anyone, regardless of educational and spiritual background, can become a Universal Energy healer. Our method of initiation (opening chakras) helps awaken an innate ability to channel and use, on command, this special energy for healing. (See Training Information).

Miracles happen every day, everywhere, and they can happen to anyone who believes enough to ask for one. Millions have been healed all over the world using alternative medicine or alternative healing methods, many of which are derived from ancient wisdom. Some call our method "Spiritual Healing" or "Psychic Healing." However, some of our yogi masters call it "Spiritual Human Yoga" (S.H.Y.). The new name for this energy discipline is "Mankind - Enlightenment - Love" or MEL for short. This particular website, operated by a group of volunteer practitioners, is independent of the MEL organization in the US as well as the HUESA organization in Australia.

There are more than three million Universal Energy healers from 70 plus countries who are trained with various levels of proficiency.  Among them are over two millions who are proficient in distance healing.  Others are effective healers using the "laying-on-of-hands" method. (This particular Ministry, however, practices only distance healing.) UE healers come from all walks of life, from lay-persons to scientists to medical doctors.  They belong to practically every religious denomination.   They have successfully treated themselves and loved ones for numerous ailments: from Cancer, AIDS, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and leukemia, to chronic back pain, allergies, insomnia, depression, mental and emotional anguish, drug and cigarette addictions.

We are very encouraged by N.I.H.’s (National Institute of Health) recent favorable conclusion on the use of acupuncture for treatment of pain and stroke patients. Conceptually, U.E. treatment uses the same main nerve centers (chakras) as does acupuncture except without needles.  The ultimate rule of UE healing prohibits healers from charging a fee for their healing services makes this highly effective method of treatment the best possible choice available to all stroke victims from all walks of life and all corners of the earth.

Healing can be requested on our registration page. Healing work will begin immediately, with treatment once a day for three months or as long as needed. For anyone with chronic conditions or illnesses that require a longer term of treatment, it is advised that you eventually take a short course from any qualified UE practitioner nearest you to learn how to heal yourself, your loved ones and others.

Since all healing is free of charge, we do not have the financial resources at this time to staff direct phone responses, process phone registration or to reply immediately.  However,  for emergency, please use email as one of us will read your letters and start healing within the day.

You can proceed directly to registering your healing request .  If any item listed on the left side of this screen pertains to you, please read the additional information (by clicking on the appropriate link) before you register.